ASI provides DC and low-frequency calibrations that include multi-meters, panel meters, loop calibrators, clamp meters, power supplies, O-Scopes, Hi-Pots, and multi-function calibrators. We support almost all manufacturers including Fluke, Altek, Beamex, Druck, Ametek, GreenLee, Extech, and more.
ASI provides pressure calibrations up to 16,000 psi in-lab and 10,000 psi on-site. These include analog and digital pressure meters, pressure calibrators and systems, and individual pressure transducers.

Physical & Dimensional
ASI physical and dimensional calibrations can be classified into two groups: hand gages and hard gages. Hand gages include micrometers, calipers, height gages, surface plates, and most instruments found in a machine shop or manufacturing facility. Hard gages are those that generally require a strict temperature and humidity controlled environment. These include gage blocks, thread plugs and rings, cylindrical rings pin/plug gages and rod standards.
ASI temperature calibrations range from glass thermometers to multi-calibrators, performing both thermocouple and RTD field calibrations. We also provide rapid calibration of data loggers and recording devices that measure both temperature and humidity. No matter what your temperature calibrations needs are, ASI can provide them from -40°C to 350°C and from 10% RH to 95% RH.

ASI is a leader in torque transducer and torque wrench calibrations. We can calibrate torque transducers and calibrators up to 2000 ft/lb. Torque wrenches up to 250 ft/lb can be done on-site with units up to 2000 ft/lb done in our lab.
Force Balance/Scale
ASI has calibration capabilities of up to 100,000 lb. We can provide calibrations for load cells, crane scales, and dynamometers. ASTM E74 procedures are available as well.

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